AddressTwo is a Lifesaver!

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I was working at a customer’s office when AddressTwo saved my life. We had been working in the owner’s office when I set my phone on his desk and forgot it. When I went to lunch, I didn’t think much of it except that I wasn’t receiving many phone calls. As the owner of Wyatt Communications, my phone is usually busy. When we got back, I realized the doors to the office were locked. That wouldn’t have been a big deal if my phone (with the contact’s number in it) hadn’t been sitting on his desk. Normally this would be a drive back to the office to get the contact’s information to let him know that we were locked out. Luckily I wasn’t the only one working there. My son (Chris) was there helping me that day. Although his phone doesn’t have the contact information that mine does, it does have internet. From there I was able to access AddressTwo’s website. I was able to get our contacts number right there on site from his phone. I called him and he opened up the door and handed me my phone. If it hadn’t been for our addresstwo database, I would’ve wasted at least an hour in travel time going back and forth. The mobile access was amazing. I simply typed in the contact name and was able to access all the information I could need. If you can’t remember the contacts name you can search by anything, whether it is the company name or address. It is definitely worth the money, which is surprisingly inexpensive for such an effective program. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone in search of a database or CRM. You can even give us a call at Wyatt Communications and we will help you get in contact with someone at AddressTwo who can answer any questions you have.

Running Your Business on Obsolete Technology

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Phone Systems and Data Networks are starting to show signs of planned obsolescence, which is a policy of planning or designing a product with a limited useful life, so it will become obsolete, or no longer function after a certain period of time.

You can thank Cisco and Microsoft for creating this business model, but the fact is they have done so successfully and other manufacturers are following.

Many of the existing phone systems that businesses are currently using have been discontinued and are no longer supported by the manufacturer, or manufacturers like Nortel, Comdial, Vodovi, Telerad, and Inter-Tel have gone out of business due to increased competition and not keeping up with technology.

This means your local vendor will find it increasingly difficult to service your outdated equipment.

It is a fact that an outdated phone system will eventually crash and die.

  • Can you afford to be cut off from your customers?
  • What would be the impact to your business to be without phones for 3 to 5 days?
  • What will be the financial impact of lost business and the purchase of new technology?
  • Who will you trust to guide you in choosing from all the technologies now available?

At Wyatt Communications we are educating companies on the risks associated with manufacturer discontinued voice and data technologies. Many companies can easily cost justify the adoption of today’s technology. Plus your business will benefit from applications and features designed to increase your profitability. New technology can give you a competitive advantage.

Give Wyatt Communications the opportunity to become your trusted partner in:

  • Helping you identify where your technology is at risk
  • Identify the appropriate technology to fulfill your needs
  • Assist in financial planning to lessen the impact of required upgrades
  • Identify the new applications and features that give you the competitive advantage
  • Strategically implement these technologies in your business

We will make technology work for you.


The Cost of Ownership

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The Purchase Price verses the Cost of Ownership

When buying technology the question that is never asked is: What is the cost of ownership? When looking at a cash proposal, what you are seeing is the purchase price of the equipment and software. It is only after you own it that the true cost is realized.

Maintenance, upgrades, software license, break and fix, and program changes are costs after the purchase to keep technology working for you.

Every time a technician comes into your business money goes out.

Let’s Buy a Car

Let’s break this down into something everyone can understand. You are purchasing a new car and you are spending $25,000.00 on the purchase. You have many choices, so what is driving your decision on which car you buy? It could be comfort or economy.

  • If you purchase a car that gets 17 miles to the gallon and you put 30,000 miles a year on the car. You will have used 1,764 gallons of gas. At $4.00 a gallon the cost of ownership for gas is $7,058.00
  • If you purchase a car that gets 27 miles to the gallon and you put 30,000 miles a year on the car. You will have used 1,111 gallons of gas. At $4.00 a gallon the cost of ownership for gas is $4,444.00
  • When we add other costs like insurance, oil changes, scheduled maintenance, and tires, then we start to see the true cost of ownership, and getting back to the $25,000 purchase price did you pay cash or did you finance it? 

Back to Business Technology

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to make a monthly payment that can be budgeted for your business for all your technology needs? This would allow you to invest your capital in your customers so you can reap the rewards from your cash on hand.

Included in this fixed price is not only the equipment cost, but the fees for maintenance, upgrades, software license, break and fix, program changes, and all of the costs of ownership.

So when the technician walks in the door you have the peace of mind that no matter the issue it will be resolved at no additional expense, and with that being the case you would make sure everything stays current and everyone gets the training they need.

And your technology will never be out of date, but will be replaced when needed at no additional cost.

Doesn’t this sound just too good to be true!!! 

It is called Current Technology Assurance Program or C-TAP and is available from

Wyatt Communications. 

Consultations are free and the answer to your business needs may be more affordable than you think.

Hosted Services is 97% a Passing Grade?

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When 97% is not a Passing Grade

I have noticed an interesting trend over the last year. I have been installing phone systems for 26 years. I do not ever remember removing a new phone system for any reason other than financial. Over the past year we have replaced 5 phone systems that are less than a year old. The reason was the same for all, a lack of reliability.

Question: What did they all have in common?

Answer: They were Hosted

Now before we get too far into this, understand that Wyatt Communications is a representative for Freedom IQ which is a Hosted solution. I am not questioning the validity of the product, just how it is being sold and applied.

How Hosted Works

With hosted phone service you normally have a device on your desk that looks like a phone, works like a phone, but it is not a phone. It is an internet appliance or SIP phone. Your SIP phone plugs into your computer network, goes out over the internet, and connects to a remote or hosted phone system.

Advantages to a Hosted Phone System

  • Feature Packages are very robust and affordable
  • Capital investment is minimal since you purchase the phones and rent space on the hosted platform
  • Great for companies that have remote offices or people on the move
  • Usually have a great web based control panel


  • Phones are not as user friendly
  • Increases load on the local area network
  • Depend on the internet to work properly.

 The LAN Network: Your computer network probably works great for your computers, but voice over the network is different. It is real time, meaning it happens now.

The network needs to have switches and routers that support quality of service or QoS. This means they must be able to give voice packets on the network priority over data packets.

The internet: Has the same QoS issues as the network, but you share the internet with whom?  “The WORLD

Larger users of hosted services may be able to purchase dedicated bandwidth, but most small to medium businesses will not.

If you have ever watched a video on the internet you know sometimes it freezes or turns into a bunch of small squares then will start working again. On a voice conversation on the internet this would sound like a bad cell phone connection or a dropped call.

What we can and cannot do: Your hosted phone solution is only going to be as good as your local network and your internet connection. We can provide a stable network, but no one can guarantee your internet connection will always be stable enough. There are just too many factors that cannot be controlled.

Hosted is a new technology and is getting better.

Understanding is the key: If it were a perfect world Hosted Phone Systems would never fail. No phone system is perfect. Telecommunications is one of the oldest technologies and for over 100 years it has set a standard that is 99.999 percent reliable.

In Closing

With advances in technology comes greater features, but there is a price to be paid. Look at all we do with cell phones today. We use them for so much more than talking. Sometimes the calls drop or the internet may not be available, but we rely on them and accept their shortcomings. In the same way Hosted Phone Systems have much to offer, but we must understand it is not a phone it is an internet appliance and is not going to perform 99.999% of the time. If you cannot live with 97% serviceability then purchase an in-house system.

Our focus here was hosted phone service, but really any hosted or cloud based product will have these issues. They can be minimized and we can help.

Wyatt Communications represents Traditional, VoIP, and Hosted Systems. We have the right technology for you.

Welcome to Wyatt Communications

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It’s 9:00am Monday morning, one of your employees walks into your office with a frantic look on her face. You hold your finger up and motion to her to “hold on a second” as you pick up the phone to make the most important call of the day. There’s no dial tone. You open up your email to find out what’s going on and your internet is down. Just when matters can’t get any worse your computer screen turns blue with an error message that says “fatal error.” You look up and ten of your employees are experiencing the same issues. In the past, you would’ve had to call the phone company, your internet provider and your IT consultant in order to get your business back up and running.

Now you can solve all three problems with one call to your unified communications provider.

Unified communications providers have emerged as the predominant technology leaders in today’s markets because they have taken sole responsibility for solving all three of these  problems for the end user. Historically, many businesses were forced to work with three separate entities in order to solve their technological problems which caused a great deal of frustration for organizations that were simply looking to get back to business.

Recently, it’s become even more difficult to pinpoint the root of a technological problem because voice today is an application on the data network and both are sharing the same Internet bandwidth. Oftentimes, phone companies and Internet providers blame one other for poor network performance and the business owner is the one that ends up paying the price.

Unified communications providers have approached this problem from a global perspective to ensure that a client’s technology is functioning properly, regardless to whether the nature of the problem is voice-based or data based.

Unified communication companies differentiate themselves in the marketplace because of their technical expertise when it comes to managing all aspects of a customer’s network. In fact, true unified communication providers support the IT needs of small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) by providing technology such as computers, servers, monitoring,  antivirus and spam protection. While telephony has dramatically changed and become network centric, the unified communications provider has taken the necessary steps to understand the intricacies of providing telephony on a data network. These companies utilize sophisticated bandwidth management tools to ensure proper connectivity and throughput in order to deliver an optimal experience.

Only a select few companies possess the expertise necessary to handle the IT, telephony and Internet connectivity needs of today’s small to mid-sized business. “In order to make life easier for our customers, we needed to evolve our business. It’s been a long road but we’re glad that we’ve hit our goal of becoming a true unified communications provider. The bottom line for our customers is that when they have a need for IT, telephony or Internet, they have one place to call. That’s our differentiator and that’s why Wyatt Communications will continue to be a market leader for years to come.

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